26 Nov 2014

4K Media Group & UltraFlix

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4K Media Group, LLC. is currently licensing the UltraFlix 4K streaming service 14 films in native 4k UHD. The UltraFlix 4K streaming app is currently available on Samsung, Vizio and Sony 4K UHD Tv sets currently on the market today. UltraFlix features over 500 hours of stunning 4K video content all on demand, UltraFlix is squarely positioned as the industries leading source for OTT VOD 4K content in 2015. Find UltraFlix today on the google play store or one of the Smart Tv sets mentioned above.

11 Jul 2011

How Much Do Musician’s Really Make?

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what musician's really make from record sales

“The Root” reveals the money trail of a modern day record label signed artist and breaks down how much money they really make in this great article,  “The Root” takes a inside look at the finances and the many people that have a claim on every dollar collected form a record sold.  Try their Cool little calculator to predict what an artist will or has made based on album their sales.“How much do Musician’s Really Make – The Article”

17 Apr 2011

15 Minute – Propane Lawn Mower Conversion

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The choice to convert from gas to propane is based on the greatly Increased engine life,  lower maintenance costs, Improved engine performance and a significant reduction in air pollution. The conversion allows for the engine to run on either gas or propane (dual fuel) if ever needed. With the growing problems mounting  with the use of  Ethanol and the nearing increase to 15% of Ethanol in fuel this conversion makes even more since.  The kit used is from AltFuel, LLC. and available at www.robinsonoutdoors.net the mower is powered by the Honda 5.5hp GC Series engine. I selected the  5 to 9.5hP Honda GC engine kit which includes the regulator, intake adapter plate and supply hose. The installation requires the carburetor to be removed via the three screws on the air cleaner cover and replacement of the black insulator behind the carburetor with the aluminum adapter plate with the propane jet and supply line connection. Next the mounting of the regulator and tank on the handle and the routing of the fuel supply line to the carburetor from the regulator.

23 Feb 2010

Bloom Energy – Could This Be Your Next Power Company?

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Bloom Energy held its big coming out party last night on 60 Minutes. And while founder K.R. Sridhar went over the potential and promise of the company’s Bloom boxes, he got a little vague when it came to what makes it tick.

The system converts methane or other hydrocarbons into electricity by mixing it with oxygen and then passing the gas mixture through ceramic plates coated with proprietary inks at high temperatures. What are the inks made of? He wouldn’t say.

A U.S. patent filed in 2006 and granted to Bloom in 2009, however, seems to indicate yttria stabilized zirconia. Do I know what that is? No. But the invention described in the patent seems to describe the box that Bloom wants to make. The patent application also calls for electrodes comprised of platinum family metals. Platinum, one of the world’s more expensive metals, has been the bane of fuel cell makers. It simply raises the price too high. Platinum is also an element in catalytic converters. Start-up Nanostellar has come up with powders that help get around the problem for the car industry. Some of Nanostellar’s powders contain gold, but the powders are cheaper than standard platinum, CEO Pankaj Dhingra tells us.

If this works, this would mean that the Bloom box could produce power on demand with almost no emissions. However, transforming carbon dioxide into fuels isn’t easy and neither is conserving that energy from the first reaction to run the second one. The Department of Energy is funding several cutting-edge start-ups to see if they can come up with ways to do that. Energy for the reaction could be helped by solar panels.  Perhaps that is what Sridhar meant when he talked about the box working with solar panels.

11 Jan 2010

In Depth – Husqvarna Automower AC230x

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The Husqvarna Automower™ is designed to mow grass on the simplest of lawns to complex, undulating yards. When an obstacle such as a tree or rock is in the way, Automower™ simply reverses and selects a new direction before continuing.

I am installing the new AC230x to replace a now 2 year old AC220x which has had a very productive life and will be religated to a much easier task of mowing the entry way are at The First Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. as of the first of the year.

11 Jan 2007

A True Classic 20 Years Old – 1987 Conquest Tsi

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  1. 1987 Conquest Tsi
  2. G54B - 1987 Conquest Tsi
  3. Conquest Tsi Racing
  4. Rear - 1987 Conquest Tsi

The Conquest was introduced in 1983 by a Chrysler Corporation that had yet to bring out its own sports coupe, the Dodge Daytona; that introduction would come a year later. The Conquest was aimed at import buyers who might have looked at the Supra, RX7, or 280ZX. A high performance grand touring car, the Conquest combined sporty, modern styling with an upper grade interior, advanced electronics (including electronically controlled automatic and thermostatic climate control), and many standard features. Full instrumentation was standard, and there was an optional “technica” digital dashboard.

A rebadged Mitsubishi Starion two-door, four-seat hatchback with no Chrysler engineering, the Conquest sold in small numbers and was based on the Mitsubishi Galant Lambda / Sapparo (also sold for a time as the Plymouth Sapparo). A traditional rear-drive, front-engined vehicle, the Conquest had a MacPherson strut front suspension and an independent rear suspension; the base engine in Japan was 2 liters, but Americans got a 2.6 liter single-overhead-cam engine with a turbocharger and throttle-body electronic fuel injection (using dual injectors). Horsepower originally ranged from 150 to 198, with the TSi model getting a boost from an intercooler; a five-speed manual transmission was standard, with an optional electronically controlled four speed automatic. By 1986 the only engine was the turbocharged 2.6, with hemispherical combustion chambers, a third valve in each chamber for better mixing and burning (MCA-JET), and dual engine stabilizers built into the block.?